Tiny Tasks – Huge Results, 3 things you can organize in the next 30 minutes.

Sometimes the idea of getting organized is overwhleming in and of itself.  The truth is, if you can tackle a few small tasks you’ll be inspired by the results. Try these easy to accomplish projects to see if you catch Organization Fever.  Each of them should be completed in less than 10 minutes.
All you’ll need is a garbage bag and a recycling bin.

1 – Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets tend be a safe haven for all kinds of things we don’t want to think about.  The truth is, most things in the medicine cabinet including cometics have a manufacturer suggested expiration date or use by date.  Other products stack up in the medicine cabinet even though we weren’t happy with the results or because they were given to us as a “gift with purchase”.  Before you open the cabinet, or drawer jot down a quick goal.  “I’m going to throw away any product I haven’t used in the last _______”. The blank may be 6 months, 9 months or a year.  Regardless of the goal you’ll feel great about finally getting rid of the stuff you’ve been knocking off the shelf each time you reach for something you really need.

2 – Junk Drawer
Most homes have a JD somewhere in the kitchen.  As you go through your JD, you’ll probably discover everything in it actually belongs somewhere else.  Put those things away.  Throw away those outdated coupons, put the recipes in your kitchen binder, move the pencils and pens (if they still work) to the pencil holder by the phone.  Set another goal – if you haven’t used it in a certain amount of time and it doesn’t have a home elsewhere, toss it!  If your Junk Drawer is filled with Owner’s Manuals, Recipe booklets and other similar items, get a package of Ring Binder Insert Strips and put all of those things into a notebook or two.

3.) Mail Call
  Grab that giant pile of mail on your counter, walk directly to the recycle bin.  THROW away everything that isn’t addressed specifically to you or a member of your household.  Open each envelope, toss away the advertisements, if you pay your bills on line, toss away the return envelopes.  What to do with the advertisements and catalogs that do have your name on them?  Is there anything on your current shopping list that might be in those advertisements? If so, put them in a pile separate from the bills.  If not, toss them away as well, trust me, you’ll have another advertisement offering the “best price of the season” in your mailbox within the next 14 days.  Finally file away the papers you need to keep; Bills to Pay, Statements, Coupons, etc.

Ready, Set, Organize!  Let me know how it works!

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