Tip 13 – Picking Perfect Pockets

If you’re using ScrapRack pages to organize your supplies, choosing the right sized pockets for your supplies can be a little tricky.

One good rule of thumb is to be sure the item in the pocket is taller than the top of the pocket.

In the left side image (Trader’s Twelve Page) above, the embellishments are both below the top of the pocket.  This will make them more difficult to get to and there is also a risk that they will slip out in front of the flap IF you turn your ScrapRack page upside down.  I don’t know why you would but…

In the right side picture (Sweet 16 Pocket Page) the same embellishments are tall enough to rise above the top of the pocket.  They will be easier to pull out, and they will stay behind the flap if you turn your page upside down.

I hope you’ll stop by each day this month as I work to post – a tip a day.

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  1. I just received my second SR! I think I may need 2 more! I appreciate this tip immensely! Thank you!

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