Tip #13 – Words

Create a WOW section (Words of Wisdom) for your generic words, quotes, poems, etc.

When you start organizing your supplies you’ll find that the majority of words fit into a specific category – Happy Birthday, On the Road, Bon Voyage, Retirement… but there are also those generic words that could work on any number of projects – Happy, Joyful, Amazing…- for the generic words, start a section called Words or WOW – Words of Wisdom (it’s so much more fun to say WOW than just words).  When you’re looking for the perfect words to add to your project you’ll be able to flip to that section and see all of your choices.

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Tiffany recommends The ScrapRack for storing words or the Kiwi Lane/Totally-Tiffany 12×6 storage box with pockets.

12x6 Sticker, Template, Kiwi Lane, Totally-Tiffany supply box.
Totally-Tiffany Kiwi Lane 12×6 Storage boxhttps://totally-tiffany.com/shop-by-organizer/kiwi-lane-templates.html

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