Tip# 14 – Why use Tabbed Divider Pockets?

  1. When everything is in a pocket, everything is the same height.  This means that labels are neat, organized, and easily readable.
  2. Pockets keep all of your supplies that work together, together – a set that includes Dies, Stamps & Stencils will easily fit in one pocket.
  3. Pockets keep pre-cut, pre-stamped, or pre-stenciled pieces with coordinating dies, stamps, and stencils.  Whether you’re planning to create something or created the parts/pieces and then decided not to use them, all of them will be together in your neatly labeled Totally-Tiffany Tabbed Divider pocket.
  4. Label your tabs on both sides – it’s a little more work upfront, but will pay off later.
  5. Load magnets “backward” – so the die won’t get “hung up on the lip of the pocket.
  6. Include the label/instructions/product idea from the packaging in the pocket.
  7. General protection of expensive dies and stamps
Slimline Storage for Stencils Totally Tiffany card making
Stencils, dies, stamps, scraps…all can be organized with Tabbed Divider Pockets

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You can find my Tabbed Divider Pockets at many of your favorite retailers or you can order them right here on the Totally-Tiffany website.

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