Tip# 16 – Use a Project Organizer while you work.

Use a “project organizer” to keep all of your supplies for a specific project together while you are working on it.

It’s rare that I can sit down and create a project from start to finish.  It’s much more common that I’ll need to put the project away and take it out a time or two before it is finished.  Having a great organizer that can be used while I’m crafting as well as for temporary storage makes the whole process easier.

Craft & Carry Workstation, organize craft supplies totally tiffany

The Craft & Carry Workstation is the simple solution especially if you don’t have a dedicated craft space and/or you prefer to move around to craft.  Use it while you’re crafting to keep your workspace clear, use it to store your project until you are ready to work on it again.

You’ll find it especially useful if you like to attend crops or classes as it will really help you keep your small workspace neat and tidy.

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Happy Organizing!

Tiffany recommends – The Craft & Carry Workstation

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