Tip 2 – Keep things where you use them.

If you’ve been hanging out with us here at T-T  for any length of time you’ve heard me say this more than once.

This is an idea that can be used for your craft supplies, cleaning supplies, linen closet, dishes….virtually anywhere.

Some things naturally get grouped together this way – but keep your eyes open for ways to simplify your life and minimize the steps it takes to find what you need.

Where craft supplies are concerned, think about the arrangement of your work space.  Are the things you use regularly within easy reach or do you have to go get them each time you’re feeling crafty? Are there other things that have nested on your desk that you never use?

Are the drawers and cabinets next to your dishwasher used to store pots, pans, or food instead of being used to store the most commonly used dishes coming out of the dishwasher – plates, bowls, glassware?

Do you have sheet sets stored in the hall closet or are they stored in the room where you’ll use them?

Are your household cleaning supplies stored in the garage?  How much cleaning do you do out there? Is there a more convenient place inside where you might be able to store them?

Remember, the easier it is to get to what you need, the more likely it is you’ll do what you need/want to do.

I’d love to hear from you about what you found around your home that you can reorganize/relocate to a more convenient storage spot.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Ahh, just thought of something a few days ago (I must have heard you in my head, haha!) I moved one spray bottle of stain treatment to my master bath where I sort clothes before washing. This way I can treat the stain when I first see it. It says on the bottle it is ok to leave on for a week.

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