Tip #20 – Keep things together you use together

When you’re deciding where or how to store your supplies, try asking yourself – “What other products do I need when I use this product?” The answer may lead you to the perfect storage location in your craftroom.

The perfect storage product is easy to pull off the shelf, out of a drawer or tote and bring it to your workspace.

Most of my products are designed with these functions in mind as well as functioning “on” your workspace. The ScrapRack system keeps all of your “consumable” supplies within easy reach. Slide, Stash & Store boxes are slim and take up less workspace keeping your table top neat and clutter free. Storage and Supply Cases allow you to remove all or some of the drawers. Paper Handlers keep paper upright and accessible, Buddy Bags can be placed vertically in your tote bag eliminating digging to the bottom of the bag and creating easy access to your supplies.

I hope you’ll join me on Tuesday mornings for my Tuesday Live event (Facebook & YouTube) – it’s your opportunity to ask questions about your specific storage & organization challenges.

Thanks for joining me for the 20 tips series.

I’ll see you Tuesday morning.


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