Tip 30 – Arranging your space, less is more

Sometimes we get hung up on the “Bigger is Better” idea when it comes to craft rooms.  Certainly there are benefits to a large room, especially when you do a lot of different things, sewing and quilting need a different type of space than does paper crafting, woodworking requires a huge place where you can be really messy.

However, if you’re setting up a paper crafting space, I’m an advocate for the “Less is More” philosophy.  My goal is to surround myself with supplies so I can reach just about anything I need just by rotating around in my chair.

This is my paper crafting space.  It’s about 7′ x 7′.

Tiffany's 7'x7' craft room, organization

I’m also a huge advocate of putting things on wheels.  If you’ve got all of your Die Cutting supplies on a small cart, you can push it away when you’re not using it, but easy pull it back when you need it.

Organize craft supplies on wheels.
I loaded my cutter and platforms into the top of my cart. The middle is die storage, the bottom is my Xyron.

Lastly, if you can avoid doors on your storage furniture, everything will be easier to get to AND you’ll be less likely to “pile” things in and close the door.

Thanks for stopping by today. Please do leave a comment or question below.  I’d love to see your room and hear what you LOVE and don’t love about your workspace.  Please do post to our FB Group or send me an email with pictures. Tiffany@Totally-Tiffany.com.


8 Responses to Tip 30 – Arranging your space, less is more

  1. Organizing my space is a challenge! My craft room has a wall of closets, a massive window and very little wall space. I’m hoping that as I go through the Get Organized Challenge I will suddenly be inspired as to how to arrange my room. Here’s hoping!

    • Hi Karen – Wheels may be your answer. HSN sells a really cool rolling shelf/cart made by Origami. Would it be possible to put everything in the closets on wheels. That way you could just roll it over to your workspace.

  2. You mentioned avoiding doors on your storage furniture. The only thing I like about doors on storage furniture is that they make dusting a “less often chore”. In my Craft Room, my husband built me an entire wall of bookshelves to store my supplies, and I do have to keep up with the dusting. Oh, and of course, I do have a plastic shoe rack (the hanging kind, with pockets) that I keep my punches in, on the inside of my Craft Room door. It really holds a lot. :o)

  3. I love your new companion cart and it says it can be purchased on HSN but I can’t find it on there site. They offer free shipping. Do you know if it’s no longer available with them??

    • It’s not available yet, so you’re in luck. I think it will probably go live on their website around February 15th. It will be “on-air” the next craft day which is March 8th. Tif

  4. Im looking for a bag that a fellow crafter had at a recent crop i was just at.
    it came with different sizes of the buddy holders. Ive checked both HSN and your website and can’t seem to locate it.


    Thank you,

    Ann Hill

    • HI Ann –
      Thanks for asking. Is it a rectangular shape canvas bag? If so, it will be back on HSN in January. If that’s not it, tell me a little more about it and I’ll try to help you track it down.

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