Tip 4 – Labeling your embossing folders

Embossing folders make your projects look amazing, but the folders themselves lack any real aesthetic.  The majority of them are just opaque white plastic.  Once you stack them into a drawer, box, bin or tote, it’s nearly impossible to tell them apart.

There are two easy ways to label your embossing folders.

Create a Rubbing

Using a good old-fashioned Crayola crayon makes it simple and fun!  I used standard white copy paper and the rubbings I did came out perfect.

I did learn a couple of things in the process:

  • Use the crayon to outline the embossing folder before you begin “rubbing.”

  • Creating the outline seemed to make doing the rubbing much more smooth.  I was less likely to shift the embossing folders beneath the paper if I knew where the edges were.  If I did move the folder by mistake, the edges made it so I could realign it easily.
  • Using a larger sheet of paper worked better than cutting the sheets down first.
  • I did 2 rubbings per paper and then cut them to the size of the embossing folder.

Labeling method #2

Use the image that is provided on the embossing folder packaging.

When I purchase a new embossing folder, I cut the image off the package (not all packaging has an image).

Some of the printed packaging is thin paper, some is thicker (almost like a lightweight chipboard).

For the thin paper, I just run the snipped image through my Xyron and turned it into a sticker label to go directly onto my embossing folder.  Simple.

With thicker packaging, doing this will affect the actual embossing process – you’ll end up with a flat square where you put the thick packaging sticker.  I know, I did it. 🙂  (Note:  This is an actual technique used to create a text block in the midst of a pattern.  Good to keep in mind!)

With this thicker packaging, you can still use it as a sample.  Simply “hinge” the packaging cut-out to the embossing folder edge using a piece of tape – washi if you prefer.

The “hinge” allows you to fold the packaging image back when you’re running the folder through your machine.  No un-embossed squares!


I stored these two ways; in Flippin Storage pages and in the Small Fab File (4×6).  I also store some larger embossing folders in the Medium Fab File (5×7).

The rubbings are inserted into the front of the flippin’ pockets.  I also used the rubbing in the Fab File, putting the rubbing in front of the embossing folder and tagging it with a small Shut Your Flap tab, rather than using the Fab File folder.

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9 Responses to Tip 4 – Labeling your embossing folders

    • 22-25 depending on how tightly you pack them in. Using the SYF tabs will make it easier to pull out “packed-in” folders. But if you like to be able to “flip” through them stay 20-22 is very comfortable. Also, it will depend if you have the embossing folders with the extra boarder piece. I “hung” the boarder pieces over the folder, so I would remember I had them, but they do take up a little more space.

  1. Great idea, I am just starting to use embossing folders and didn’t know how to store them. I just happen to have a small Fab file box. I am going to try it for storing them. Thank you

  2. Great tips! I.am.fairly new ton the embossong.folders and paraphanalia-I used friends for years. Now I am starting to gather my own… so thanks.tiffany!

  3. Love these boxes. I am using one or over sized background stamps, one for over sized dies like the ones that create a folded card base. I like the idea of using the Flippin’ Storage Page for the rubbings and I have the actual folders in white binders from you. Sorry, I forget the name of it.

    • Thanks, Doris – sounds like you’ve got everything organized! Yay you!! The white binder would be our Flippin’ Storage Binder. It’s great for embossing folders, dies, and unmounted stamps, too.

  4. I have 6×6 embossing folders, as the biggest and couple of 4×6 size. What is better for storage, the flip binder, Karen buddy bag or Irene buddy bag?

    • Hi Miriam –
      The Irene is too small for 6×6 – Karen would accommodate both if you put the 6×6 in the back. You could also use the 6×6 Fab File if you’d like something that would close up or the 6×6 Paper Handler it you won’t something more open. T.

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