ScrapRack Page – Tips & Tricks.

Follow these easy tips for loading your ScrapRack pages and you’ll get the best results from your ScrapRack.

Big stuff to the inside

It might seem counter-intuitive, but you want to load your bulkier items into the pockets that are closest to the Spinder. Load these items from bottom to top. Click on the loaded page image to view larger. Also, something like these bulky packages could be easily reduced in size, by putting these brads into a small zip-lock type bag and then putting the bag into the pocket.

Bulky stuff in ScrapRAck, load to inside

Use both sides

Remember that your pockets are clear on both sides. Place items into the pockets facing both frontwards and backward, this will ensure your supplies are the most visible.  With something like these large alphabet stickers – think about how you want to view them before you load the pockets.  In this case, the alphabet is in “alphabetical order” across both pages.

Load’em Up!

Your pockets will hold multiple items – in most cases a minimum of 3 items, in the case of “flatter” items like stickers, you can put as many as 6 or 7 in each pocket.

Remember to put some items in facing forward and facing backward for maximum visibility.

Double-pocket, 6x12, Sticker Storage, ScrapRack, Totally-Tiffany P80

Above the flap

It’s best if the items in your pockets come up above the “flap”.  This makes it easy to grab things out of the pockets.  If you always work at home, try tucking the flap behind the item in the pocket – again, it will be easier to remove the item when you want it.

Smaller items should be placed behind larger items, this will prevent them from slipping out if you turn the page upside down.  You’ll be able to see them on the opposite side.

Load supplies in pockets by size, above the flap, ScrapRack Totally-Tiffany

If you travel with your ScrapRack or sections of your ScrapRack, you’ll want to leave the flap over the top of the item. In this case, having the items come up over the crescent cut, and behind the flap, will help keep everything in place, should you turn your ScrapRack pages upside down by mistake.

add pages off the spinder, ScrapRack, Totally-Tiffany

Adding pages

When adding pages to your ScrapRack, always remove the Spinder from the base and lay it flat on the table.  This is a good time to test your Spinders to see if they’re too full.  When you push all the pages over to 1 side of the rings, and “pop” the rings open, no pages should “pop” off the rings.  If they do, consider “thinning” your Spinder.

Turn from the top right

Your ScrapRack pages can get quite heavy, turn your pages from the upper right hand corner.

This will keep things down in the bottom of the pockets where they belong.  This is most important if you’ve got your pages in a binder rather than on a ScrapRack base.

Turn pages from the upper right to keep supplies neatly in the pockets.

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