Trader’s Twelve Storage Page

Post Series: ScrapRack Basic Storage Pages

With pockets that are a little deeper than the Sweet Sixteen and a little shorter than the Straight Eight, this page is amazingly functional.

Organize your embellishments

Originally designed with Artist Trading Card (ATC) dimensions in mind, these pockets are a perfect fit for all of your ATC blanks and accessories.  With that said, you’ll want to consider all of the other uses as well.  Top of my list is general embellishment storage.


I was able to take this entire pile of embellishments, some in small baggies, some just loose and put them ALL into 1 Trader’s Twelve page. No more digging through buttons, bling, brads…I can see all my red and pink embellishments.

I did use our small 2×2 zip lock type baggies to help roundup all the little stuff.  You can also fill baggies with glitter, embossing powder, micro-beads, etc. and include those items with all of your other embellishments.

I would recommend that you have at least 1 Trader’s Twelve page in each section of your Rainbow Section.  You’ll find this page really useful throughout your ScrapRack.

It’s a stencil and template organizer too!

Consider using the Trader’s Twelve page for your stencils and templates.  When using brass stencils, I like to use the packaging from the stencil to create a little “shelf” for the stencil to sit on in the pocket. I did this by simply folding up the bottom of the package insert.  This helps to protect my pockets, the stencil AND it makes it easier to pull the stencil out of the pocket.

For more tips and tricks about how to use the Trader’s Twelve Basic Storage Page, watch the video below.

I’d love to see how you’re using your Trader’s Twelve pages.  Please do send me a picture and we’ll add it to our website.  The Trader’s Twelve is available at most JoAnn stores – check our store locator for a store near you.

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