Triple Play Basic Storage Page

Triple Play pages Line Drawing - P67

Three 12″ x 4″ pockets make this page a favorite for borders, stickers, scraps, and even 12″ embossing folders.

Triple Play ScrapRack Storage Page

In the Triple Play Page on the left, I had a few stickers that were 6″ wide.

I loaded them into the bottom two pockets and tucked the flaps behind the stickers.

This created an easy “file” of stickers.

Stencils and templates can be difficult to organize and store.

The Triple Play Page is ideal for longer templates like these Kiwi Lane borders.

I stored the Kiwi Lane packaging right in with the templates for two reasons:

  • The templates are opaque white, so the colored paper behind them makes them easier to see.
  • The packaging will often give useful ideas, tips, or other information about the product.


ScrapRack Triple Play Storage Page
Triple Play Storage Page

Of course, like all of our pages, the Triple Play will hold multiple items in each pocket.  We recommend 4-6 items per pocket.

Remember to put some items in each pocket facing forward and some facing backward.

Thanks for stopping by to read up on the Triple Play Basic Storage page.

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