Why the Double-Sided Stamp, Store and Go bag is the perfect solution for wood-mounted stamps.

There is one caveat to the title of this post – “when you don’t have space to put your wood stamps on display” – but that would have made the title just a little too long.

The Double-Sided Stamp, Store, and Go bag has been part of our EZ2Organize product line for a couple of years.  In that time it has established itself firmly in the customer favorite category.  Why? Because it is so darn functional!  This tool does its job perfectly.

Consider the 3 biggest problems with wood stamps:  1) Being able to look through them quickly to find what you need, 2) Storing them so they are easy to look through AND take up the minimum amount of space, and finally, 3) Taking them easily with you to a craft event AND returning them into the same place in your craft room.

“Clearly” see your stamps

The Double-Sided Stamp bag is made of clear vinyl.  You’re not looking through a translucent box or digging through a dark drawer or cupboard.

The trays in the bags keep the stamps in place.  “Seeing” all of them is as easy as looking at the bag.

Easy access and less space – the library effect

Imagine being able to pull a set of stamps off your shelf and view them like the cover of a book, then put them right back.  Now imagine that all of those stamps fit in the smallest amount of shelf space possible.

It’s not your imagination, it’s the Double-Sided Stamp Bag LIBRARY!

Take them to a crop, or just to your workspace – then put them away easily

Have you ever put a book back on the shelf where you got it? Was it easy?  Then you know how easy it is to return a Stamp Bag to its place in your craft room. Whether you’re bringing a bag of stamps to your workspace or taking them to a weekend crop, your stamps stay organized, visible, and accessible.

The Double-Sided Stamp bag slides easily into your crop tote. The compactness of the design lets you maximize all the space in your tote.  I loaded mine into a Laura Bag along with 6 other buddy bags and still had room for a couple more.

When I get back from the crop, the stamp bag, and all the other buddy bags too, are easy to put away.

The challenges of organizing, storing, and using your wood stamps can be easily conquered when you have the perfect tool – in this case, the Double-Sided Stamp Bag.

You can organize your stamps in the bags by theme, sentiment, or holiday – if you don’t have tons of stamps.  If you DO have tons of stamps – if you’re Gloria Gottalotta – you’ll want to use a catalog/numbering system to organize them.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to learn a bit about our Double-Sided Stamp, Store & Go bag.  Don’t have tons of wood stamps? Read my next blog post – 5 ways to use the Double-Sided Stamp bag, for 4 other ideas on how to use this versatile bag.

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4 Responses to Why the Double-Sided Stamp, Store and Go bag is the perfect solution for wood-mounted stamps.

  1. I just finished storing 254 wooden block stamps in the Double-Sided Stamp Bags. I’m waiting for my new order to be delivered, so I can finish. And all I’ve done is number the stamps and put them in the trays. I still have to stamp the imprints with their stamp numbers into my catalog by theme. Then it will be on the clear and unmounted stamps!

    • Hi Deborah – we might bring them back in the future, but for now the Lois Clear Tote is a great lightweight alternative for carrying Buddy Bags and other scrapbooking/crafting supplies.

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