Update on the Border Hoarder

Hi Ladies –
 I got an update from Jean our friendly neighborhood, self-descibed, Borderline Horder.  Here’s the latest from her double-scrap rooms.  I’ve included some images below.  Click on them to enlarge.

Hi Tif!
I made some tremendous strides this past weekend. Like many others, I to had today (MLK day) off so I concentrated on my two craft rooms PLUS my bedroom which was holding “overflow” of materials. I still don’t have everything in its proper place, but I have at least gotten boxes filled with embellishments galore plus other scrapbooking/cardmaking goodies. I have them stacked up in one corner so now I will be able to take out one box at a time and either find a home for the articles in my scraprack, place them in a labeled drawer or purge (oh no…did I say purge??? good grief). I can now actually walk…yes, walk into the rooms! I have also found more numbered stamps I had done on computer paper and have placed them in page protectors and straight into the scraprack. My next accomplishment was sorting through the mounds of 12×12 paper. I have sorted them into colors (plain ones at least) as well as those specialty papers into sections (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine day, etc) for the calendar section. Currently I plan on putting the fewer ones (V-day, b-day) into the scraprack. I will next have to go through the mountain of mixed papers which contain swirls, dots, lines, flowers, etc and match them up to a primary color section.
I feel really, really good about what I got accomplished these past three days!! yippee for me!!! Oh, and I have placed a great deal of ribbon spools on a large door mounted old fashioned canned goods rack I purchased at an antique store. There are 6 shelves on this thing that’ll hold more than enough space for ribbon.
I will check in tomorrow for the webinar…hopefully I’ll get on to listen. I don’t have a microfone attached to my computer, but I can use the clapping hands…thats for sure!

Jean’s Paper                    Stamp catalog, empty shelves and labeled stamp boxes.
Hi Tif!
  The Christmas/New Years holiday slowed me down, but I did manage to put a small, okay, tiny, dent in my organization. I have now captured 1576+ stamps and have the majority of them in their categories. As you can see, Christmas area is doing well followed up by Halloween, Thanksgiving and then my beloved pigs! I had to have a section of pig stamps all by themselves. I love, love, love pigs! I have also been able to get a good start on the paper and instruction manual area as well.

I must say that I have had to take breaks from the stamps from time to time because it feels so overwhelming. Hence why the paper started getting organized by colors. I think however, I may reconsider and start putting them by theme/calendar instead. I tend to over-think the process. I am still feeling my way around what works best for me.
  I am looking forward to your challenge coming up and am interested in what the others will share as well. I am always open for suggestions…I have nothing to lose and everything to gain!
  The pics are of my Christmas stamp/embellishment area, asst. fibers I found and then of my paper/book wall. I still have my previous stamp wall which is located in my second craft room. That hasn’t changed. I can however, lay claim to fame that the closet in the second room has been cleaned out and all craft items have found homes in my drawers or with others! Success comes in small steps.
So, thanks for all the hints and I look forward to further help. I see there are others out there with the same tasks to undertake. Baby steps is all I can say……and lots of breaks!
Take care. Jean aka borderhoarder
Oh, by the way, I am a member of a monthly card/stamp club so those stamps just keep multiplying! eeekk!

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