ScrapRack Users – Tip of the Day: Use small zip lock type baggies for small stuff.


  Use small baggies for embellishments.

Small embellishments like buttons, brads, and eyelets are the perfect type of supply to store in your ScrapRack page pockets.  To make it easier to get them in and out of the pockets use small ziplock type baggies.

Small embellishments in ziplock type baggies.

Small baggies are available on our website in both 2×2 and 2×5 sizes.  They are also available at most craft and hobby retailers.

Thanks for stopping by to read today’s ScrapRack User Tip.  I’ll be posting tips all month.  If you’ve got a tip about how you use your ScrapRack, I hope you’ll use the comment box below to share it with me and my readers.
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