Vertical Double Basic Storage Page

This page doesn’t look very exciting but the Vertical Double page is our #2 best seller year in and year out.
The pockets on the Vertical Double Page are 6″ wide and 12.5″ long.

Vertical Double pages Line Drawing - P80
Vertical Double, ScrapRack Page

The obvious occupants of these long, deep pockets are your 6″x 12″ stickers, especially if you like to work with “Thickers”.  Each pocket will hold multiple 6×12 sheets.

ScrapRack Vertical Double Pocket 6x12
ScrapRack Vertical Double Storage Page 6x12 pockets
ScrapRack Vertical Double Storage page

I did put all 14 sticker sheets into one pocket.
I would not recommend it, but it does work.

We recommend putting 4-6 items in each pocket. Some facing front and some facing the back of the pocket.  More than this amount just makes it harder to see what’s in there.

Even though ScrapRack pages are lightweight, they are super tough!  Don’t be afraid to load them up with heavy things like chipboard letters and stickers.

This page is also handy for storing large scraps and wide border templates.

Watch the video below to learn more.

ScrapRack Vertical Double Storage Page

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