Vertical Four Basic Storage Page

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Long and Lean, Tall and Thin, Lanky, String-Beanish…all of these terms describe the 4 perfect pockets of the Vertical Four Basic Storage Page.

If you love to work with anything that is long and narrow this is a pocket design you’ll love.  Each of the pockets is 3″ wide by 12.5″ long.

There are a few obvious uses for this page; borders, design line type stickers, scraps, …

Vertical Four Page
Great for all types of stickers and long, narrow embellishments.


but, it will also work to store and organize some of your favorite tools.

I seem to have a “thing” for rulers.  I’ve got plain rulers, centering rulers, journaling rulers, and weird shape rulers.  The one thing these have in common – they’re all long and lean, just like the Vertical Four storage page.


I can store these easily in a Vertical Four page


I added a large Shut Your Flap tab to the edge, and marked it rulers.  Now I can store these in the middle of my ScrapRack with my pop dots and other “tooly” stuff.


Don’t forget about things like long dies and embossing folders.  Those will store easily in the Vertical Four Storage Page as well.

Verical Four Basic Storage Page - P59


Thanks for stopping by to learn a bit about the Vertical Four Basic Storage Page.  As always, we love to share pictures of how you’re using our products.  If you’ve got a picture to share, please do send it to me via

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