What else can you do with a Sue?

Try to “think outside the bag” when it comes to uses for the Sue Buddy Bag.  What messy stuff do you have in your home that you might want to contain?

Consider gathering up all of shoe polishes, sponges, daubers, brushes and polishing cloths  – then load them into a Sue Buddy Bag. Because the bag is clear, it’s easy to see what’s stored inside.

18 Nuvo Dots

Have you fallen in love with Nuvo Drops like I have?  18 Nuvo Drop bottles will fit in 1 Sue Buddy Bag.

Sue bag organizes quitlintg fabrics too!

Are you a quilter who loves to purchase and organize fat quarters by color? The Sue Buddy Bag will hold up to 22 fat quarters if you take out the liner box.  Perfect for taking fabric to sewing class.

First aid kit for travel

Easily organize and store bulky embellishments like these carded flower embellishments.  

 I think the Sue Buddy Bag might also make the perfect mini first aid kit.  I’ll have to try that when I get home.  (I’m in Florida this week for HSN 24hr Craft Day).   I’ll be sure and post a few pictures when I try this.

Are you using a Sue Buddy Bag for containing messy household items? Or do you have an idea for how to use a Sue Buddy Bag somewhere other than your craft room?  If so, I hope you’ll leave a comment below and share your ideas with myself and the other readers. Thanks for stopping by,

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