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It’s a new year, which for most of us means we’ll make resolutions and then give up on them.

There are many reasons we abandon our resolutions and a few ways we can help ensure we won’t.

“Planning” to be successful is one of them.

One of my favorite quotes – “Goals not put to paper are seeds without soil – they’ll blow away in even the gentlest breeze” – sums up just how important it is to write things down.

A planner is the perfect place to track your resolutions – which reminds me of one of my favorite Mark Twain quotes – “It doesn’t matter if you’re on the right track, if you just stand there, you’ll still get run over.”

A planner can help you manage your daily to-do list, but it can also help you stay on track with your resolutions.

Now that you know why you need one – how do you choose the right one?

There is no one size fits all solution to this question.

I use a medium sized Happy Planner – it’s perfect for all of the things I track and it fits easily into my tote bag.

My mother uses the large Happy Planner – she adds more details to her daily list and enjoys having the extra space to use as a journal.

My girlfriend Jessie uses one of the small checkbook style planners – super small, lightweight and easy to carry.

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My advice –

Choose a size that you can comfortably carry with you – it’s important to be able to add notes or record things where ever you might be, especially if you have goals around things like weight loss, diet or exercise.

Choose a planner that is’nt going to be overwhelming.  This is a common mistake – your planner doesn’t have to be crafty and beautiful, it certainly can be, but if finding time to “create” your planner each day/week/month becomes stressful, you’ll abandon it along with your resolutions.

Using your planner

Start simple!  You can always get more detailed, add more lists, or track more stuff – but first you want to build good habits.

Write down your resolutions – maybe on sticky note that you move easily from week to week or month to month.

Decide on a way to track them – If weight loss is your goal you’ll want to track daily things, if planning a trip is your goal, you might want to track weekly things.

Choose a time to update your planner – you may be able to keep your planner updated throughout the day, even it that is the case, I’d recommend setting aside a few minutes towards the end of your day; maybe the last 5 minutes at work, right after dinner or just before bed – to review your day, note your accomplishments or failures and preview the next day.

I’m thinking of starting a planning/goal setting Facebook group – is this something you would be interested in joining?  If so, please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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  1. I would definetly be interested in a planner facebook group. Just purchased my first Happy Planner and love it. Not sure where to start but after reading this I am going to start simple and move forward.
    Thanks for the info.

    • Hi Amy –
      Do you subscribe to Creative Scrapbooker Magazine? If so, check the last issue, my most recent article was about using a planner. If not, there’s a similar blog post – Plan to be organized here on my blog. If you’re looking for more information and ideas – when you’re on the blog page, scroll down, there is a menu on the right hand side of categories – check the Planner Junkie or Planner Organization categories for info about using your planner. I’ve also got a second article coming out in CSM about getting crafty in your planner. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. T.

  2. I would also like to join your planner group. I think sharing challenges and successes are important to keeping us motivated. Shirley

  3. I would be interested in a planner/goal setting group as well!! I always have issues with being consistent and following through… I just got a Happy Planner -Wellness addition…thanks for your blogs!!

  4. I would join this type of group. I can set some goals, it’s the sticking to them, that’s the problem.

  5. I think having a planner is smart. I’m behind a computer all day at work, so I use the calendar on my computer for reminders. But…it doesn’t help me when I am away from work – for those extra added notes. I will need help transitioning from my computer to a paper/purse calendar, so joining a group sounds like a plan. Following through with goals is another area I need help with.

  6. Yes, I would be interested in an planner/goal setting group. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with the whole planner thing!

  7. I would love to join your planner group. I use a plum paper A5 ME planner in a travelers binder with an extra notebook for dumping thoughts and or lists. Othe planner groups that I am in are all about decorating and making it pretty. That’s fine sometimes but I am more of a functional planner. I use my for a purpose. To keep track of my life.

  8. I got a planner as a Christmas gift and have been loving it…even though I have an IPad I use too. I would be interested in a planner group also!

  9. I’d be interested in a planner group as well! I buy a medium happy planner every year and it mostly goes unused because I’ve never gotten in the habit of using it.

  10. I would definitely join your planner group. I love my planner, but use it more as a daily journal of what is going on in my life.

  11. I am interested in a planner group. I have used a planner for work for years, but have always just made to-do lists on paper at home. I bought a medium happy planner that I hope to use for both work and home this year, but have yet to get started in it.

  12. I would definitely be interested in a planner group. Learning from one another is a boost for me. A Planner is my brain on paper. The older I get the more organized my world needs to be and I want it that way. I accomplish more when I plan. It makes life more intentional for me, which I savor.

    • I have used some type of planner since my secretary days when I jotted notes of meetings, phone calls and other notes of needed information. When I needed to jog my memory of something, it was right there in my book. My first planner was a simple steno book. I’m now 72 and still keep a planner, only now it includes goals for the day like trips to the craft stores for a specific sale, blocks of time for card making, scrapbooking or organizing. I keep notes of birthdays, appointments, mileage, addresses, notes from Tiffany’s meetings 😉 ….. Everything is in this planner if I ever need it. I love my planner!

  13. I would be interested in a planner group. I am new to a planner but I need to track what I eat, how much water I drink, and my appointments and any other day to day stuff…I hope this will help and also where to get pages to be able to do what I need to do

  14. Absolutely Tiffany! A planner group by you would be wonderful. You have such attainable ideas and also the organizational tools I love. Been a fan from day one of your products and your project ideas and organizing solutions.
    You inspire so many crafters.
    Please start a planner group! Can’t wait to join in.

  15. Yes, I would be very interested in joining your planner group! Would love to learn ideas from others on how they make their planners work for them.

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