Would You Rather…

Spend 15 minutes digging through a bin, box, or drawer, of jumbled stamps, OR…

Dig_Through_This_wood_mounted_stamps_Totally_Tiffany (3)

Take a QUICK look at all of your stamps presented in a visible, accessible and attractive manner on your craft room shelf?

Wood Stamp Organizer and paper craft supplies.

Wood-mounted stamps, like any other craft supply, are an investment. Why would you store all of those expensive wood-mounted stamps in a plastic bin where they are unorganized, NOT easily accessible, and likely to get damaged?

In order to find a stamp for your project, you’ll essentially have to dump the entire bin, so you can see what you have, and then you’ll have to clean it up. Wouldn’t you rather… spend that time crafting?

The 6 Level Stamp & Supply Stadium solves all of the problems that the plastic bin creates! Instead of having your wood-mounted stamps piled into a bin, you can now have them stored, organized, and protected.
Each row of the stadium can hold 10-15 items, depending on the size. Plus, with the staggered, stadium design, you’ll be able to see them and have better access to them. They are easy to take out and easy to put away too!

Double Bonus – you’ll probably use them more too!

So, what would you rather have?

Making one simple change, like getting the right organizer for your stamps, can have a huge impact on your crafting. You’ll feel better knowing what supplies you have, you’ll be able to find things more quickly, and spend more time actually crafting!

Learn more about our 6 Level Stamp & Supply Stadium and our other wood-mounted stamp organizers, by clicking here! Also, to see more ideas about organizing your wood-mounted stamps, check out our Pinterest board by clicking here.

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