Would You Rather…

Carry a heavy bin, box, or drawer of jumbled wooden stamps to your crafting space OR…

Dig_Through_This_wood_mounted_stamps_Totally_Tiffany (3)

Carry a lightweight bag that has all your wooden stamp stored, protected, labeled, and organized?

Wood Stamps in double-sided bag

Wood-mounted stamps, like any other craft supply, are an investment. Why would you store all of those expensive wood-mounted stamps in a plastic bin where they are unorganized, NOT easily accessible, and likely to get damaged?

In order to find a stamp for your project, you’ll essentially have to drag the bin off the shelf, carry it to your crafting space, and then dump the entire bin, so you can see what you have. Wouldn’t you rather… spend that time crafting?

The Double-Sided Stamp Store and Go bag solves all of the problems that carrying a plastic bin creates! Instead of carrying around your wood-mounted stamps in a bulky plastic bin, you can now easily transport them to your dining room table, a friend’s house, or to crops!

What makes the Double-Sided Stamp Store and Go bag so unique, is that it’s clear and you can store TWICE the number of stamps in the bag. This is because each bag comes with two ”trays” that can be filled with different sizes of stamps. Plus, once your stamps have been loaded into the ”trays”, you can stand these bags vertically on a shelf. This means you can easily create a ”library of stamps” which can help you to free up more space in your craft room!

So, what would you rather have?

Making one simple change, like getting the right organizer for your stamps, can have a huge impact on your crafting. You’ll feel better knowing what supplies you have, you’ll be able to find things more quickly, and spend more time actually crafting!

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