Wrapping Gifts – Make it Memorable

Hello my crafty friends –

With the holiday season upon us, I thought it would be fun to share one of my favorite holiday memories with you.  My mother, Tamara Merrill – who many of you have heard me refer to as a “SuperCrafter” is also a super gifter.  In fact, the way she delivered gifts to us, our family, and friends is one of my favorite holiday memories.  Not the gifts themselves, but the beautiful way they were always presented.  The gift became part of our holiday décor each year. 

It was with great pride that I delivered gifts to teachers, scout troop leaders, and coaches.  Each time I presented a gift it was met with a “thanks – WOW!”  That always made me feel great – like I had something very special.

This year I convinced my mom to come and wrap gifts with me in the studio.  I wanted to share with you the way she can take a basic wrap job and turn it into a “WOW” with just a few dollar store additions.

Wrapping Gifts

Our first stop of course was the dollar store.

dollar store items for wrapping gifts

When you’re choosing things try to stay consistent for color(s) – especially if you want these lovely gifts to become part of your Christmas décor.

Christmas present in wrapping paper

A basic gift wrapping – this is pretty but…

wrapped gift with red truck ornament on top

add some height – get some pop.

If you add a vertical element and a few layers of ribbon and washi tape – you’ll get something that “pops” off the package.

Spruce up a hostess gift.

Fresh Flowers are always a beautiful addition.  You can purchase plastic “water tubes” from one of the big box craft stores.  This will keep your flowers fresh until you deliver them to the party hostess.

wrapped gift with flowers on top

Add an ornament or two.

Inexpensive ornaments make great giftwrap embellishments and can be removed and used by the recipient.  We added a layer of Styrofoam snow, a couple of ornaments, and changed out the ribbon handles from boring satin to sparkling black to create this adorable little gift bag.  This bag could definitely be “re-gifted,”  – what a crafty compliment that would be.

These plastic ornaments have really come a long way.  You get the beautiful look of glass ornaments with the benefit of them being shatterproof.

Layer on the Christmas classics

Birds, Berries, Jingle Bells and Holly – these classics can be combined to created amazing packages.

wrapping gifts  with ornaments
wrapping gifts with bells

Go big or stay home

Add one amazing element – this simple technique is easy and fabulous. Plus, it makes decorating or wrapping gifts super fast!

A gorgeous big bow is always show stopping.

wrapping gits with a big red bow

The gold dollar store tree-topper makes a sparking statement.

gift bag with star tree topper

It is the holiday of lights – let your gift shine!

Try adding a string of battery operated lights to a gift wrapped in foiled paper.  The effect is magnificent and of course memorable – especially under the tree. Wrap the battery pack into the gift but leave the “on/off switch exposed so you can turn the lights on or off as needed.

christmas present with lights

Everything is prettier in 3s.

These simple glittery, flat bows really shine when you use 3 of them on a single package. Trim their tails and layer them on some gold ribbon and you’ve got a fabulous finish.

Sparkle, Sparkle, – POW!

This was probably the fastest wrapping gifts job –it’s definitely my favorite!

It just screams out – “Hey – there’s something good in here! Open Me!”

A sparkly gold bag, black ribbon, and a “3 for a dollar” tinsel pompom – was all we needed to create this beautiful (and reusable) gift bag.

gift with pom pom sparkly bow

As I mentioned earlier – using wrapping supplies that will complement and accessorize your décor adds to the beauty.  Imagine all of these lovely little parcels tucked under a red & gold Christmas tree.

group of wrapped gifts

Special thanks to my SuperCrafter mom, Tamara Merrill for helping me create these WOW inspiring gifts.

two women smiling at the camera

Do you love to present beautiful gifts to family and friends during the holidays, or anytime?  If so, we’d love to see them.  Please do share your photos with us on our social media feeds.

Thanks so much for stopping by today.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

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