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Xyron for planners Totally-Tiffany planning

Yes, I’ve had a Xyron for years. It’s one of the tools I’ve used consistently – why usually to clean up some type of mess I’ve made on a project – LOL.  If you’re unfamiliar with Xyron, but you’re crafty and/or a planner, this is definitely a tool you want in your arsenal.

Xyrons are sticker makers.  Well, not only sticker makers – they’re also magnet makers and laminators.  Xyron machines come in a variety of sizes from 1.5″ & disposable to a 9″ Creative Station.  Any size will work for planning but, the small 1.5 disposable or 1.5″ “X” are super simple and very portable.

The adhesive that pulls through the 1.5″ machines is just over 1.5″ wide, my planner squares are 1.5″ so it’s ideal for creating things to fill in (cover up) my squares.

The refillable “X” can be filled with either permanent or repositionable adhesive.  I love creating my own “sticky notes” with the repositionable type.  If I was working in a memory planner, where things are more permanent, I would most likely use more of the permanent adhesive – the cartridges are interchangeable, so you can use both types with just a single machine.

Plan with Xyron Sticker Maker, Totally-Tiffany

I like my planner to be matchy-matchy, which is difficult to do if you can’t make your own stickers or sticky notes.

Once I decide on the color/style I’m going to use in a particular week, I go through my paper stash to find the perfect paper.

Next I use my Happy Planner Punch to create the perfect size rectangles for my planner.  I generally cut some of them into 3rds or halves before I put them through the Xyron.

Planning with my Xyron, Totally-Tiffany

I can run everything through the small Xyron, but if I’m at the office where I have multiple Xyron sizes, I’ll use usually use the Creative Station Lite to add adhesive to multiple pieces at one time.

Xyron Creative Station Lite and Totally-Tiffany plan together

Now I’ve got a few perfectly shaped sticker boxes that I can add to my planner. Here’s a big tip – before you remove the clear paper from your stickers, be sure you rub the plastic around each sticker.  This keeps the edges of your sticker from being sticky.

Xyron the perfect sticker maker for planners

I use one of our 5×7 Stamp Pockets to hold all of the matchy-matchy things I’m using each week.  I used by disc punch to put the holes down the side of the pocket.

Store Xyron Stickers with other supplies Totally-Tiffany Planner, Xyron, Sp5PK

As I  mentioned earlier, I’ve been using Xyron in my crafting projects for years. Their machines are fast and easy to learn and use.  I don’t get any kick back from Xyron, but I absolutely recommend their products. Here’s a link to their site if you’d like to check them out or give their products a try.

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  1. I have never heard about the Xyron before and I checked it. It is a very cool machine and you’re right, this is must have.

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