Magnetic Design Board overlay with ruler

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Hold your designs in place as you create.

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Magnetic Design Tool - Get an additional set of 8 *mini magnets with your Magnetic Design Tool purchase
The original idea for this tool was inspired by Holly Fossen, who suggested grid lines on the Rotating Design Board. We weren't able to make that change, but we did come up with this idea - a separate magnetic overlay with grid lines, a 13" magnetic ruler and 8 super strong mini magnets - the Magnetic Design Tool Set. (*Note - mini magnets are for adult use only. Keep them away from small children. Choking Hazard, Harmful if swallowed.)

Additional super strong mini magnets are available here.

This set is part of our Totally-Tiffany Maid for Art product line. Learn more about the Maid for Art Line.

Learn more about how to use the Magnetic Design Tool - Read Tiffany's blog post, 5 ways to use the Magnetic Design Tool.

NOTE: The slick surface of the Design Tool and ruler will wipe clean from your occasional smudges, but applying inks directly might cause staining. This is not a cutting mat.

The mini magnets are VERY strong, if you allow them to "slam" together they will chip, this is due to the strength of the pull. It is not a defect in manufacturing.

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