2011 Organization Challenge – Registration Link

Hi Ladies –
If you haven’t received the link to the Get Organized Webinar – Here it is.  This was sent out last week. Please use this to get yourself registered.  After registering you’ll get an email with a link to login to the Webinar on Tuesday.  Please login a few minutes early so you can figure out how to operate your dashboard.  I should be logged in by 9:45 to help anyone who needs it.
Click Here to Register Now.
Looking forward to seeing you (hearing you 🙂 ) on Tuesday,

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  1. Missed the webinar, even though I took my laptop to dr apt so I could log in if finished in time (dedication!). when will you send info on what we missed. I am anxious to get started.

  2. I to tried to get on but had problems of which I think have been resolved. I did listen to it later on and enjoyed it alot. I am anxious to listen to challenge #2. Tif is soooooo right when she tells us, if we get fustrated to walk away for awhile and don't reorganize what we have completed. I didn't heed those remarks off the bat, too anxious I guess, but I do walk away now. I have a long journey ahead of me, and it's baby steps all the way. In that manner I can see small successes and feel good about it! You can't go wrong if you take in Tif's advice..thats for sure! – Borderhoarder1

  3. I've been using your system for the last year and can't tell you how much it has helped me. In regards to the themes, I found I needed a 5th one. I included a category for shapes so items that don't fit into a category such as circle, flourishes, flowers, scallops ect I can reference when I am scrapping. I find it's helpful for some of my stamps, punches and diecuts.

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