What is the biggest benefit to using the ScrapRack?

I was recently asked “What is the biggest benefit to the ScrapRack?” After I replied, the gal who had asked me the question rambled off a list of other benefits, things she thought were more important than the thing I had mentioned.  My initial reaction was – WOW, those are all great benefits! I should talk about those on my blog.  After a little more thought, I came to the conclusion that even I  don’t actually know all of the benefits to the ScrapRack.  My craft space, how I craft, where I craft, etc., are all as unique to me as yours are to you.  So I thought I’d take this space on my blog to tell you what I think is the biggest benefit to the ScrapRack and then invite you to tell me what you think is the biggest benefit(s).  So please do leave a comment at the end of this post telling me why I’m wrong about the biggest benefit to the ScrapRack.

I believe the biggest benefit to the ScrapRack is its ability to evolve and change as my life has changed.  When I first started using the ScrapRack, 13+ years ago, I was a dining room table scrapper.  This meant hauling everything out of the closet every time I wanted to scrap.  The ScrapRack simplified this task immensely.

Yes, that is me years and years ago with auburn hair.
Yes, that is me years and years ago with auburn hair.

As my life changed and I was able to have a dedicated craft space, the ScrapRack took a permanent place on the desk behind me.  In that space it grew from a single base to a double, and then to a triple.

When the opportunities arose to attend crafting events, I was able to compact the supplies that I needed onto a single base and transport the whole thing easily in a rolling tote to the event.

Now, as  I become an empty-nester (my youngest son leaves for college in August), I’ll downsize my ScrapRack to fit with my life and the things I’m crafting about now.  It’s time for a great big PURGE!!

Yes. That is my triple base ScrapRack in the background.
Yes. That is my triple base ScrapRack in the background.

What do you think is the biggest benefit to using The ScrapRack?

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2 Responses to What is the biggest benefit to using the ScrapRack?

  1. These are a few comments from our Facebook pages:

    Karen D. – I don’t think I can choose just one benefit but being able to find my supplies quickly is so calming. I am continually purging and it makes it so easy to purge. I buy with intention which makes crafting a joy. Thanks Tiffany!

    Colleen C. – I have been working on my scraprack for two weeks now and aside from getting my stamps organized I am almost done. Doing this I was able to purge my old ineffective organizational tools and because I have to put everything in it’s own pocket I know what I have. Going on a scrap weekend soon and can’t wait to transport it!!!!

    Mar-Sue R. – Before organizing my papercrafting supplies with my ScrapRack, I was unable to find items I knew I had. Now when I need something specific, I can go directly to it. It’s also great when I buy new items, they have a place to be stored.

    Cindy H. – I like being able to find products easy. You can get so much more done.

  2. Access at my fingertips without having to open up mislabeled, unlabeled, or buried boxes, jars, or other ineffective “organization” tools. No more buying duplicates or too similar materials. The biggest benefit is I can use what I have.

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