Crop Room at the Office Next Step

Okay –
 We finally decided on a bright and cheery room with Fun Flowers!!! I know for many of you this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, but I am the only female inhabitant in my house, so “girly” things are few and far between.  Today we took the doors off the cupboards.  When you’re creatiing a work space, you want to have everything easily accessible.  If you remove the doors from your cabinets, not only are the items stored there more accessible, your less likely to resort to the “cram and close” method of storage.

This is me in my TomBoy Tool Belt – it has a pocket that is perfect for holding my camera – taking doors off cabinets.
This is the adorable PJ – my mom’s darling dog, she was a huge help.

  Here’s mom, artist at large, designing the big flowers for our crop room walls.

These are all the colors we’re using,  The Tootsie Rolls were our lunch of choice.
Okay, we’re off to a good start.  Please check back in with us in a day or two to see how this Crop Room is coming along.  We do have the Puyallup Scrapbook Expo at the end of the week, so that may put me behind on the blogging but I’ll do my best.
Thanks for checking in!


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