Fab in Five – It’s easy when you’re organized!

One of the big benefits of being able to find your supplies quickly and easily is that you can do what I call “crafting on the fly”. It becomes fun, fast, and easy to add a little creativity to your everyday life when you can create in just a couple of minutes.

These posts are designed to give you fast ideas for being creative everyday.  Please do share your five minute ideas with us, so we can share them with our readers.   Email us with a description and a couple of photos – KarenSlusher@Totally-Tiffany.com.

This is a series of 5 – 5 minute ideas for dressing up your dinner table. Scroll down to the bottom to view idea #1 first.

A simple silverware holder gives my placemat some “Pop.”

Fab in Five Silverware Pocket
Placemat, Coaster, Wine Tag and Silverware Holder

A brightly colored silverware pocket is the perfect way to finish up my placemat and coaster combo.

Sticking with my bright and cheery color scheme, I choose the last 2 pieces of 12×12″ turquoise paper from my ScrapRack.

Making the pocket was easy.  I cut the 12×12″ sheet in half, then I notched out about 3/4 of an inch on each side.

Next step – fold the wide piece up so it starts to form the pocket. At this point I cut a small piece off what will the bottom corners – on the diagonal. (See the 2nd photo below)

Finally, I folded the strips on the left and right side around the back of the base to finish forming the pocket, and glued them down. (See the 3rd photo below)

Silverware pocket materials.
Cut a 12×12 sheet of paper in half and create a library pocket.
Fold the pocket up.
Fold the edges around the pocket and glue.
Fold the edges around the pocket and glue.
Completed silverware pocket.

Placemats to go with my wine tags, 10-4-2016

I love setting a fun table.  For this little dinner party I’m focused on cheery and bright – like my friends Heidi and Tim.

Placements were so easy to create.  I used 4 sheets of 12×12 yellow chevron patterned paper for the base, and 1 sheet of 12×12 lime green paper for the coaster.  Everything was so easy to find in the Rainbow Section of my ScrapRack.

With the yellow chevron paper, I simply rounded the corners.

With the lime green paper, I cut the paper into 6×6″ squares and then rounded the corners on each square.  I glued the “coaster” to the placemat in the upper right-hand corner.

Fab in Five Table Top - Placemat
So Cute - Placemat and Wine Tag

Fab in Five – Wine Tags, 10-4-2016

Fab in Five - Wine Tag
Dress up your wine glasses with handmade tags

This project was so fast and easy.  I found the perfect turquoise tags and yellow baker’s twine in the Rainbow Section of my ScrapRack.

Simple, fast, fun – come back tomorrow to see what else I’m adding to my Fab in Five Table Top.


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