Happy New Year!!!

I decided a couple of weeks ago to do 31 Blog Posts in January, basically a tip a day for getting and/or staying organized. Some of the tips will be specific to crafting, some specific to our products, and some just general info.  I hope you’ll follow along.

My first tip – GO PUBLIC

Go Public with your goal to organize, regardless of how small the task is – whether it’s organizing your linen closet or your whole craft room.  Once you make your goals public you’ll have added pressure AND support for getting those things done.  Use your public declaration to define your reward for completing the task. It could be as simple as  rewarding yourself with Facebook time.  Go public with a declaration to your Facebook friends – “I’ve got a goal to organize my linen closet. Here’s the ‘before’ picture – I’ll be back when I can show you the ‘after’.”   If you pop back up on FB with no ‘after’ picture, you’re sure be asked about it. When you return to FB and post the ‘after’ picture, your friends will be thrilled with your success.

So in the interest of going public with goals, I’m going to share mine with all of you.

My overall goal for 2017 is to Stay Focused.  The question I’ll be asking myself all year – “Is that urgent or IMPORTANT?”  Urgent things have a tendency to push important things down to the bottom of the to-do list and distract me from what I should be FOCUSED on.   If I can stay FOCUSED and handle the important stuff, I shouldn’t have anything that is urgent. Won’t that be peaceful?!

Focus is the cornerstone to success.  Focus requires organization and discipline.  I’m inviting you to join me in my goal to stay focused.  I hope you’ll check in with me here to see how I’m doing.

There are a couple of areas in my life where I know I’m happier and more successful if I just follow through on two small tasks; meal planning and wardrobe planning.  These are, by all accounts, small tasks, but they can really simplify my life and free my brain to focus on other things.  Spending an hour or two on Sunday prepping for the week ahead can save me tons of time getting dressed in the morning. It can save even more time by preventing my wandering around the grocery store on my way home from work looking for dinner “inspiration.”

Meal Planning – My goal is to plan and shop for a week’s worth of meals every Sunday.

Here’s my plan for this week:
Monday – January 2
Chicken with Lemon Herb Sauce,  Brown Rice,  Broccoli, Kale Salad

Tuesday – January 3
Chicken and Avocado lettuce wraps – p37

Wednesday – January 4
Curried pork with rice – p52

Thursday –
Chili Lime Tilapia with corn sauté – p78

Friday –
Blistered Been and Beef Stir fry with white rice – p82

Salmon Burgers with mixed green salad

Sunday –
Pressure Cooker Chicken Enchilada casserole

My Wardrobe Plan

As far as wardrobe goes, I’m testing a new system.  I made 5 hanger label/pocket things and labeled them Mon-Fri.

I can hang the label around multiple hangers.  So if I’m putting together pants, a tank, blouse and a sweater, they will all be grouped in the same label loop.  I created a couple of pockets – 1 for undergarments and a small one for jewelry.

I choose each outfit for the week based on my schedule and the weather. I hung all  of the labeled hangers together in the front of my closet.  I filled the pockets with jewelry and undergarments.  I put my shoes and handbag directly under the outfits.

I’m ready to take on the week!

What are your 2017 Goals?  Are you ready to Go PUBLIC?! If so, I hope you’ll take a moment to leave a comment below and share your goals with me/us.


5 Responses to Happy New Year!!!

  1. My overall goal for the year is “knowledge.” I know a little bit, or nothing, about a lot of things that are going on in the world or that I’m just interested in. So I’m going to study one topic for a month and keep notes and thoughts in a dedicated journal. My January topic is the situation in Syria (and Aleppo); February will be classical music. As far as crafting goes, I “follow” too many crafters and constantly want to try all of their techniques. This year I’m going to focus on just two – Jennifer McGuire and Graphic 45 – and soak up their knowledge about card-making and scrapbooking. Good luck to us in 2017!

  2. I liked one of your goals so well I’m “scraplifting” it – well, sort of. Meal Planning isn’t high on my list but it should be. Along with that, I’m going to clean up my recipe files and books in January. My goal is to reduce the amount of recipes (maybe all since there’s this thing called the Internet where one can find recipes galore) and try new recipes to weed out the bad.

    1. plan and shop for a week’s worth of meals every Sunday.
    2. Each week go through several inches worth of recipes to be done by eom January.

    • I love it!!!
      I’m with you on the recipe thing. The best thing about internet recipes are the reviews and the comments about how others have “tweaked” the recipes.
      Thanks for sharing.

  3. My year goal is to be decluttered & live a minimalist lifestyle by the end of the year. (Minimalism = less stuff, more experiences & simplifying your life.) I’m going for the capsule wardrobe (and there are a lot of clothes that don’t fit me, so out they go). I’m into art and sewing etc. Not fashion. So, I’ll do more (art etc) with less (clothing choices every morning). That’s just one of the ways I’m going to make my life easier this year. ♡

  4. Happy New Year! I look forward to your daily tips!
    Ugh, meal planning is a problem area for me too. I like how you listed your meals out, with a page number. Wouldn’t it be great to have all of your recipes in one place/binder/file?

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