Label your pockets & tabs

Sometimes I’m in a hurry and I’ll just write directly onto the tabs of my dividers or pockets.  I’m always unhappy with the end result, and I end up relabeling them when I get a chance.  (Haste makes waste 🙂 )

My preferred method for labeling is to use my label maker and our Shut Your Flap tabs.  I like this method for a few of reasons:

  • If I make a mistake (usually spelling) it’s easy to correct.
  • The little bit of color from the SYF tab is nice.
  • When I want to change what’s in the pocket or behind the divider tab, it’s easy to remove the SYF tab and replace it with a new one.
  • It looks much more neat and tidy than labeling by hand.
How to label tabs and dividers. Totally-Tiffany SYF How to label tabs and dividers. Totally-Tiffany SYF

The only challenge with this system is choosing words/titles that will fit on the SYF tabs.

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