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One of the great things about the ScrapRack System is that it’s truly customizable to your supply collection. In this post, I’ll try to provide you with a few helpful details about ScrapRack pages and choosing the pages that will work best for you. Each of the images below will take you directly to the product – you’ll find more photos, information and even a video or two on each of the product pages.

Our Social Media Coordinator Katie has worked closely with Karen to create a couple of helpful product grids about our pages – I’d recommend downloading and printing these and keeping them with your ScrapRack, I think you’ll find the dimension and pocket configuration information helpful when choosing pages and/or refill pages.

The basics on Basic Storage Pages

Basic Storage Pages are currently available in 12 pocket configurations.

Each of these pages is built on the same 12.5″ x 12.5″ footprint. Each pocket has a crescent cut flap which can be tucked behind the items stored in the pocket for easy access or left over the top of the items for security when traveling. Read more tips and tricks for loading your ScrapRack pockets.

The binder hole configuration is a standard 3 hole punch.  While the holes will line up with the rings in any standard 3 ring binder, keep in mind that the page dimensions are considerably larger than standard notebook pages.  This is also true for 3 ring style scrapbooks/albums.  In order to more easily accommodate paper crafting supplies, our pages are half an inch longer and wider than other page protectors designed for album use.

Each of the Basic Storage Page individual designs comes packaged in a set of 10 sheets for $12.00.

We also try to offer a variety pack of pages, although the variety packs do vary.  Check out our Basic Storage Page listing on the website for current variety pack options.

Double-Sided Duos

Our DSD pages are made of the same material as our Basic Storage Pages.  The unique thing about these pages, they each have a 12.5×12.5″ pocket on the back-side.

Both of these designs, the Double-Sided Duo 2×1 and the Double-Sided Duo 4×1 are sold in packages of 10 for $17.50.  These packages are ideal for storing collections together.  The large back pocket for paper and 12×12 stickers, the front pockets for smaller stickers and other embellishments as well.

Specialty Storage Pages

Each of our Specialty Storage Page was designed with a specific use in mind.  Currently there are 4 Specialty Page designs available.  These pages are made with thicker, more rigid plastic than the Basic Storage Pages.

The Sideloader Single has always been one of our most popular storage pages.  The heavier construction gives extra protection to specialty papers, especially those that have die-cut decorative edges.  Each of these pages will hold up to 25 sheets of 12×12 paper.

Each package includes 5 Sideloader Single Storage Pages.

Embellishment Storage Page

These heavy duty pages are double-sided.  Each side has 12 gusseted pockets.  Ideal for small bulky embellishments that can be stored in zip lock style baggies (included).

There is also a large pocket in the center of this page.  Embellishment Storage Pages are sold in packs of 3.

Flippin’ Storage Pages

These fun to flip pages are sold in sets of 3.  Each page has 6 – 4×6″ flippin’ pockets on the top row and 5 -5×7″ flippin’ pockets on the bottom row.

Originally designed for card making supplies, these pages are perfect for all types of scrapbooking supplies as well.

The Expanding Project Planner

The most versatile of the Specialty Storage Pages, the Expanding Project Planner works great for project planning.  The gusseted pockets expand out to hold tons of supplies and project necessities.  It’s also a favorite for memento storage and organization.

Thanks for stopping by today.  If you have questions about these ScrapRack pages, or any of our products, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Crafting,

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