Ode to my ScrapRack by Julianne S.

Hi Ladies –
 I got this wonderful email and thought I would share it with you all. 

  All my life I dreamed of a room dedicated to crafting and when the dream was realized, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t stand to be in there since the room was a huge mess. I tried bins, but then had to haul half a closet out to figure out which bin things were in. I’d get frustrated, go buy something that I “knew” I already had and then haul everything to work on my project into the kitchen since I’d made a huge mess in the craft room and didn’t want to have to clean it up prior to starting.
  I found out about your product when another user recommended it to me. I was asking in an online chat room for the best way to organize scrapbooking supplies, and was told that this was the best way – hands down. I watched your video on YouTube and fell completely in love with the whole concept. I only received it about a week ago and have literally incorporated almost an entire closet into the space at the top shelf of my waist-high bookcase.
  I have almost finished loading my entire scrapbooking collection into the scraprack and it’s amazing how much fit. I was absolutely shocked to realize how much duplication there was in there – what a waste of money! I think it will probably pay for itself just by helping locate something so quickly and keeping me from running to the store for something that I have and can’t find.
  I was double checking my system (to be sure that it matched your system – you genius you) when I saw online about the knitting needles and crochet hooks. WOW! What a great idea! I immediately went online and ordered an additional base and spinders. That will be my next project and section when they arrive. Guess I’ll be ordering additional pockets for that, too! LOL
  Today as I was reviewing your ideas again, it came to me that I could copy the fronts of my over 100 sewing patterns and put them into the scraprack, too. Since I have a ton of now-empty bins, I think I’ll do like you did for the stamps. I’ll just mark down which number bin that pattern is in and Viola! I’ll find it. This also solves another problem for me. When the pattern has a jacket and a skirt, where do you file it? I plan to make separate sections on spinders for jackets and skirts and “AHA” I can make two copies file it in both and easily figure out what my options are. Another frustration and money saver. Plus I’ll only have to hunt through one bin!
  Needless to say, I am delighted with my scraprack and excited to see what uses other cross-crafters have found for it. I know that I will be much happier spreading out on my craft room table – now that I can see it! 🙂 Your clever little invention has helped me realize my craft-room dream!
  Did I say thank you? Please accept my sincere thanks – you have really improved my life. Turns out that crafting as a relaxing hobby was stressing me out. But no longer – I feel like I should have a party just so I can show this baby off! LOL
Julianne S.

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