5 reasons to embrace the embellishment rainbow

Organize Embellishments with Totally-Tiffany

One of the toughest concepts for crafters to embrace is organizing their supplies by color. We’ve been programmed to think about organizing by “like items”. Think about your closet, all your socks are probably stored together, in the bathroom towels are stored with towels, in the pantry canned goods are stored with other canned goods. This makes sense, if you need a towel, a pair of socks or a can of beans, you’ll know exactly where to go to find them. However, with crafting, the most important thing about non-themed embellishments is COLOR! If you’ve been hesitating about organizing by color, here are just a few reasons to embrace the embellishment rainbow.

Organize Embellishments by color with Totally-Tiffany.

One – What color do you need?

If you need a red brad, you don’t need to see, or dig through, every other color of brad you own – you just need red. Sorting your embellishments by color will help you find what you need and show you all of the options you might have (bright red, brick red, rose red) more quickly.

Two – Use more of what you’ve learned

As crafters, we tend to use the information we’ve most recently learned more often than things we’ve learned about in the past. If you doubt this, take a look through your scrapbooks or cards. I know mine follow along with the classes I’ve taken and the supplies I purchased – specifically in this order; Eyelet Basics and Beyond, Give Motion to your Pages with Brads, Paper Dolls, Pages that Sparkle, Layering with Flowers, Magic Mesh, Splash and Spray…

Organize Embellishments by color with Totally-Tiffany.

It makes sense! Not only were the ideas I learned in those classes at the front of my brain, but the supplies I need to create them were at the front of my workspace. When your supplies are organized by color, you’re mixing your supplies and knowledge together. You see what you have and you’re reminded of what you know!

Organize Embellishments by color with Totally-Tiffany.

Three – Become a better designer

Looking at your card, scrapbook page or mixed media project as a work of art is very different than looking at it as a card, page, or mixed media project. If you want to elevate the artistry in your craft, you need to improve your design skills.

Looking at a project and thinking, ”this project needs a flower” is very different than looking at a project and thinking, ”this project needs something with a little texture, a bit of dimension and a pop of red”. When you go to your red section, you might think – ”this flower will give me the dimension and texture, but I could add another layer and maybe a button or brad in the center”.

Four – Know what you have, and what you don’t

It’s just as important to find out what you don’t have when you’re looking for a particular embellishment as it is to find what you do have. If you’ve got your embellishments organized in the rainbow and you’re looking for a blue button, when you go to your blue section, you’ll know it immediately if there are no blue buttons.

Organize Embellishments by color with Totally-Tiffany.

Knowing that information, you can confidently purchase some blue buttons. If your embellishments are stored around your room by brand or type, you may not remember what you have where, and you’re almost certain to purchase a duplicate of what you already own.

Organize Embellishments by color with Totally-Tiffany.

Five – Plan, pack and unpack for crafting events quickly and completely

One reason crafters haul so much stuff to crafting events is because they’re afraid they aren’t going to have something that they need. When you’re using the rainbow section, you’ll have everything you need in one nice, neat, organized place.

It’s easy to pack up your supplies and it’s easy to put them away. Imagine being able to put your crafting supplies away in the correct place as soon as you get home – you’ll be ready to craft again at home with very little – maybe no – stress.

Six – Bonus reason, it’s so pretty to look at!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you found these 5 reasons for embracing the rainbow helpful and inspiring.

Happy Crafting!

6 Responses to 5 reasons to embrace the embellishment rainbow

  1. I’m 100% with you for most things crafty: solid color paper, ink, paint, Copics, embossing powder, more in ROYGBIV – and black/white/gray/neutrals first.

    But when wanting a card embellishment, I always think “thing” first, and then consider color. So it’s “Hmm, enamel dots or sequins? After deciding dots, the enamel dots are pulled and color decided, packets held to the project.

    So embellishments are the exception to the rainbow rule. Is my brain broken? : )

    • LOL – No broken brain, your path is just a little different than mine. I’m delighted that some of my ideas work for you and equally delighted that you realize what doesn’t work and how to organize in a way that works.

  2. When I made jewelry, I always organized by color but when I started card making and scrapbooking I organized by type; i.e., flowers, animals, bottles, etc. But I never figured out why that wasn’t working for me. Until now — thank you not only for reminding me, but for giving credence and detail of why it worked for me in jewelry making and will in my other crafting adventures.

  3. I am an organizer by type. It “works” but always wonder if there is a way to be even MORE efficient. Will take some time to give it the ol’ college try and reorganized by color and, beauty is, if it doesn’t work can always go back. ALOT OF WORK, but trying to keep glass half full – will force me to go through it all AGAIN to keep what I have fresh in mind and yet another opportunity to purge again after some time if it wasn’t used.

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