Make mine visible! Planner Supply Organization Station

Do you have the good fortune of having a space you can dedicate to your Planner Supplies?  A Planner Supply Organization Station?

If so, try using the Pen & Ink Palace turned on its back to create a highly visible, amazingly accessible Planner Supply Organization Station.  This little organizer is only 7″ deep and 9″ wide, so a real space saver.  Here’s a quick video to show you how I set mine up.

I also used a set of our Stamp Pockets to help contain stamps, dies, and small accessories like cards, label stickers, etc.

7 Responses to Make mine visible! Planner Supply Organization Station

  1. This is a awesome idea! Great way to have everything organized When working on a project and not having items all over your working space!

  2. I really like this idea! My husband and I decided to go into business for ourselves last January and I have been struggling with the loss of MY dedicated space! For 30 years he worked outside the home and I was home full time – the office was my craft space. I could see the benefits of using this in our shared space.

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