ScrapRack Spinder Placement

ScrapRack Spinder Placement will vary by crafter.

There are many factors that contribute to how you place your Spinders on your ScrapRack(s).

  • Number of Spinders
  • Fullness of Spinder, both number of pages, and number of items in the page
  • Weight of items in each pocket
  • Thickness of items in each pocket

Here are a few suggestions for how you might place Spinders on your ScrapRack.

My suggestion is that you try moving your Spinders into a few of these configurations until you find the positioning that works best for your supplies.

You may need to mix and match – using some of each. In general, I believe the “slanted & staggered” configuration is the most popular.

Dividers are very helpful in controlling page sag, as our Specialty Storage pages (heavier plastic adds stability).  If you’re not using them currently, you may want to consider adding them.

ScrapRack Spinder Placement few straight

If you’re just getting started, and you only have a few Spinders on your ScrapRack, separating them out evenly will be a good option.

ScrapRack Spinder Placement few slanted

If your Spinders are quite heavy, slanting them will help.

staggered and overlap spinders A21 ScrapRack

Staggering and/or overlapping the rings on your Spinders will help to create a more solid “base” for your pages – like the back/spine of a book.  The pages will support each other.

ScrapRack Spinder Placement bunch staggered straight

Overlapped rings, staggered up and down can be used straight up and down on your base.  This is usually better for lighter weight or less full pages.

Spinders slanted and staggered, ScrapRack

Overlapped rings, staggered and slanted can be a good solution for heavier pages.

ScrapRack Loaded b11 spinder placement

Less Spinders spread further apart might look like this.

Organize Scrapbooking Supplies in The ScrapRack.

7 Spinders closer together, staggered and slightly slanted might look like this.

Try moving your Spinders around until you get the desired result.  Remember, there is no “one size fits all” solution because each crafter is storing a different variety of products.

One other thing – check to be sure your ScrapRack is set up correct – it’s very common for ScrapRacks to be set up on their backs – which can be a big problem in regard to page sag.  Click here to learn how to properly set up your ScrapRack base.

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3 Responses to ScrapRack Spinder Placement

  1. I love your stuff but I am having a hard time liking your scrap rack, I love the pages, as Of now I am using them with 12×12 albums, I use one each for the seasons and trying to use the scrap rack for the themes, just not really liking it, may break down and use albums but I will give it a little longer, I watch a lot of videos about it, but anyway I will always love your stuff even if not the scrap rack 🙂

    • Hi Elwanda, sorry for the late reply! We just saw that a bunch of comments did not get automatically approved on our website.

      One video we would recommend watching when learning about the ScrapRack is our ”ScrapRacking 101” class. In this class, Tiffany walks you through everything you need to know about our ScrapRack system! To watch the full video, click on the link below.

      Also, you may want to check out the blog post below, where we have listed our most helpful ScrapRack content!

      Hopefully, this helps! ❤️

  2. Hi Tiffany. The only way I haven’t tried yet is the slant. Regardless, I love my scraprack. LOL Just need it to lay open more. Right now my configuration is the parallel stagger. Creative Blessings! ~Kelly

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