ScrapRack Users – Tip of the Day: Loading your ScrapRack page pockets.

“Load” your ScrapRack Pockets

While ScrapRack pages are lightweight, they are SUPER durable. Don’t be afraid to really LOAD up the pockets with your craft supplies. Each pocket can easily hold 3-5 items. When it comes to flat things like sticker sheets – each pocket can hold up to 10 items.

13 Stickers in ScrapRack pocket page

For thicker or 3-dimensional stickers and embellishments, your ScrapRack pages can hold those as well. I put 6 of them in just one pocket.

Thanks for stopping by to read today’s ScrapRack User Tip. I’ll be posting a tip each day this month. If you have a tip to share about how you use your ScrapRack, I hope you’ll take a moment and leave it in the comment box below.

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