Tool Tower Talk

Our super hand Tool Tower organizer is ideal for your craft room, but will serve you well in the garage, bathroom, office…any where you need a little organization.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Tool Tower, it’s part of our Desk Maid product line, which means it is made out of wood and finished with flat white paint.  It looks great as it is, but it is really easy to decorate to match your room or space.

The basic info:

The Tool Tower is 5″ wide and 9″ deep.

There are 8 divided sections, the tallest (back section) is 5.5″ the shortest (front section) is 2.5″”.

The back section is tall and narrow, ideal for long tools like rulers and scissors.

Desktop craft tool organizer,Desk Maid, craft desk, office, tool organizer

What can you load into your Tool Tower?

Jennifer's Tool Tower

Tool Tower, filled

Jen Evans @CreateOften, went crazy with color in her Tool Tower – read her blog post to learn more.

Tools, tools and more tools.  I’ve got everything from rulers to rotary cutters in my Tool Tower.

TT13 bathroom (3)

On the bathroom counter.

Tif's Desk - Office set up, SA10 TT13 (2)

On my desk top.

The Tool Tower is perfect for hairbushes.

Under the bathroom sink.

Tool Tower - garage tool organizer

In the garage, on the workbench.

Thanks so much for stopping by today do learn a little bit more about our Desk Maid Tool Tower.

If you’re using your Tool Tower in a different way, we’d love to hear about it!

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