Use your good stuff!

If you’ve taken any of my classes or attended a lecture, you’ve probably heard me say USE YOUR GOOD STUFF!  As crafters we have a tendency to “hoard” our best supplies, waiting for the perfect project. Take a deep breath and repeat after me – “Every project is a perfect project!”

Today I’m working on the itinerary pages in my planner for an upcoming China trip.

I want the itinerary pages to be fun and interesting.

I flipped into the travel supply section of my ScrapRack, where I found this really cool triple-layered China embellishment from Paper Wizard.

If you’re familiar with Paper Wizard, you know they make really cool stuff, but to quote my sister, “it ain’t cheap.”  But what it is, is paid for.  I bought it a couple of years ago and it’s been taking up space in my ScrapRack ever since.  The $6.99 has been spent, and up until now, it was not being used.

Because this is actually a series of 4 layered die cuts, I decided to run it through my laminator.  This should help keep it looking good as well as keeping the edges and corners of the layers from peeling up.

I did “fussy-cut” around the edges of both die cuts separately so I would have more options for placing this on my planner page.

I added a few travel stickers and my itinerary title page is mostly done.  I think I need to add some dates, and I might put stars or something on the map of the places we visit, but for now, it’s looking good.

Since these planner pages may become part of my scrapbook pages from the trip, I’m actually getting double value from this Paper Wizard die cut.  (It’s funny how we justify or craft spending, isn’t it.)

Thanks for popping by today and remember …USE YOUR GOOD STUFF!!!

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