Use your ScrapRack for Knitting and Crochet

Most crafters are what is affectionately referred to in the crafting industry as “Cross-Crafters.”  No, industry professionals don’t think you’re an angry bunch, the term refers to crafty people who do multiple-crafts and use products from one category in another.  Recently I received the following information from a ScrapRack user who has turned her ScrapRack into a Multi-Craft Storage device by incorporating some of the components for her knitting and crochet.  Here’s what she has to say:

Hi Tliffany,
Pictures don’t do it justice…

The BEST thing about The ScrapRack is its versatility! I can’t over emphasize that feature… So being an avid crocheter and knitter, it didn’t take me long to determine that I could transform it from a Scrapbooker’s dream to a yarn enthusiast’s one. The different available pages provided and the ability to use other commercially available page protectors have helped me create my own crochet/knitting workstation. A work in progress, I’ve already created one spinder for storing knitting needles, one spinder for crochet hooks (and darning needles, markers, cable makers, etc) and several spinders for sorting categories of patterns. As projects are completed, one spinder is to be used for keeping pictures, snippets of yarn used, yarn laundering instructions, etc.
  I have spend several days now collecting needles which were stored all over the house, consolidating patterns and working through the best ways (for me) to organize it all. The only “wish” I would have is that to utilize The ScrapRack for this type of organization the pages would be of the heavier type (like the side opening storage of 12” paper). The other “problem” I ran into was keeping the knitting needles from falling out when I turned the pages.
Now for an ah ha moment! Probably everyone else already knew…but it took me this endeavor to figure out that as I was organizing a spinder, if I took it and laid it on my table and opened it to add pages…other pages didn’t fall out! Never again will I suffer the opening of a spinder to add a page or two only to have have the pages slip off/out of the rings. I always thought I needed an extra hand. (it was the only complaint I ever had with this storage system!)
So…I’ve now taken my original ScrapRack Station and converted it away from Scrapbooking to holding my Card Making …with sections for card layout inspirations, technique directions, completed cards, and random stamped images. And..oh yes,, holding all my “bling”.
Perhaps I can figure out places to put a Scrap Rack to organize Recipes, jewelry, beading supplies (a new craft to start?), oh, the use of the ScrapRack is so vast!
Thanks so much for this flexible tool!

As we working to develop our website you’ll see lots of new additions to help you as a “Cross-Crafter” if you’ve got ideas about different ways to use our products we’d love to hear them.  Please email them to me at
Thanks for checking in! 
Happy “Cross-Crafting”,

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  1. Wow! I'm going home and try this as soon as get off work. I don't know why I never thought of putting other crafts in the rack – of course it will work.

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