What type of crafter are you?

We’ve added a few friends to the get organized challenge group and you’ll definitely want to get to know them! In fact,  one of them could be you, with a different name of course.

Get Organized Challenge with Totally-Tiffany and friends.

One of the biggest challenges with getting our craft supplies organized and keeping them organized is that there is no “one size fits all” organization solution.  Over the last few months I’ve been talking a lot about “What type of crafter” you are.  Understanding this about yourself will make it easier to choose organization tools that will serve you well.

I thought it would be fun to create a few new girls to help describe each type of crafter.

Meet Cathy Craftroom and her dog Crop

Cathy Craftroom always crafts at home.

Cathy loves to scrapbook, but only at home.

Her crafting space is defined and her supplies always stay put, except of course when she’s using them. 

Her dog, Crop is a regular fixture in her craft room.

Are you Cathy?

Meet Sophia Cropalot

Sophia has a dedicated space for crafting at home, but she also enjoys attending crops, classes and retreats.

It’s important to Sophia that her supplies are accessible at home, but also easy to travel with.

Should you be changing your name to Sophia?

Sophia Cropalot loves to attend events but also crafts at home.

Karen Kraftabout can be found crafting just about anywhere

Karen’s got some crafting storage space at home, but she moves around, sometimes at the dining room table, sometimes in the TV room.

She also enjoys going to crafting events and hanging out with her crafty pals. 

Her supplies get put away each time she uses them.  Part of her home crafting time is spent pulling things out and putting them away.

Do you craft like Karen?

Mary Mobilmaker – always crafts away

That’s Mary at the end of the crop table in the lavender dress.  Mary’s got a lot going on at her house and no space to craft.

Crafting is “her time” to get away from home and focus on scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Her supplies are always packed and ready to go.

Are you a mobile crafter like Mary?

Mary Mobilemaker always travels with her scrapbooking supplies.

Thanks so much for stopping by to meet the new girls.  We’ll be talking about them this Fall during the Get Organized Challenge. – Speaking of the GOC, have you registered? Register now!

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78 Responses to What type of crafter are you?

  1. Love this way to think about how we create, which influences how we best organize! I think I’m a Sophie. Eagerly waiting to see if there are differences between the girls if they are gottalots or not.

  2. Cathy, but with a cat to help me out! I used to love to go scrapping, but Archiver’s closed their brick and mortar stores and broke my will to scrap elsewhere

    • Hi Ginger – Have you looked for crafting “Meet Ups” in your area? It’s always more fun, motivating and inspiring with friends. T.

    • I have the same problem, Ginger! I used to love going to Archiver’s for crops, and the local scrapbook stores in the area are all at least a 45-minute drive for me. :/ I’m in the Kansas City, MO area, if you ever see this and want to try to get together! 🙂 There is a local group on Facebook called KC Croppers – we meet monthly for a Saturday crop, and weekly on Wednesdays at one of the Michael’s in town (I can’t make those due to having to work to support my scrapbook habit). 😉

  3. Hi I’m a Karen, anyway to keep me in one place . I’m a multi. Craft person with a craft room but I move around constantly

  4. I would have to say that I am Sophia Cropalot. I have my whole Craft Room in the top floor of my home. Plus I Love going to weekend Retreats with my friends!!! I Love these new girls!!

  5. I’m a Cathy right now. Just moved in April to a new state. I’m still unpacking. Got my paper done and now I’m working on my Scrap Racks. I haven’t found any local craft stores just the 3 big chains. I’m hoping to volunteer at the Fisher House at Fort Campbell eventually.

    • Oh my goodness! The Fisher House is such a cool place!!!! I was able to stay at one in Seattle when my Dad was in the hospital there. What a cool place to volunteer.

  6. I love this…I am a “has a little of a lot and a lot of a little” crafter. The things I do the most of I have a lot of supplies, tools, etc (a lot of a little) and then there are all the things I tried, wanted to learn or started but never got too in to (little of a lot).

  7. I am a Sophia, I have a dedicated area with additional storage in another room. And I scrap weekly at our amenity center. My challenge is to pack items for the group meetings and another rolling cart for my scrap basics!!! I love the Tiffany bags and use many.

  8. Ironically I am a Karen. Craft supplies piled in a corner. Each time I scrap at home it’s drag it all out then put it all back. Could really use some storage direction.

  9. I’m kind of a Karen/Sophia hybrid, I’d say, b/c my space is multipurpose: schoolroom/office/scrapbooking. I call it “convertible” b/c I can wheel craft carts over to 1 of my desks when it’s time to scrap, so then it functions just like a dedicated space. I also love to go to crops, but haven’t been to as many lately as in the past.

  10. I’m definitely a Cathy (but my dog’s name is Zoey!). I already have a home office for my business, but am in the middle of transforming my small third bedroom into a craftroom. I already own a few TT products, and have been thinking about getting the Scraprack, too, but I’m puzzled as to how to fit it into my small space. I’ve joined the next Get Organized Challenge to see if I can get more space out of my small room with better organization. I’m thinking that the new TT cart coming out soon may be the best solution for me.

  11. I am definitely a Cathy, but no pets. I have a craftroom with a lot of my supplies in baskets on the floor, top of shelves and in bins in 2 closets. I want to get around my room a lot easier than I do at this time. I have an Ikea Expidit and it is full of paper. I have started the process of going vertical with my cardstock. I have accomplished 70% of the task and hope to finish by the time the fall challenge begins. I have a lot of everything
    and am so overwhelmed, that I don’t know if I will ever be able to say I am “truly organized.” I just bought a scraprack, but I have to limit what goes into that because I am both a card maker and scrapbooker! Just when I think I know what to do, how I am going to store it becomes a major
    issue. I did purge some some things, but it may not have been enough. Did I mention that I am “so overwhelmed”?!

  12. I am sophie but I would like to become like Sophia. I am working on finding a group to scrap and card making, it will be more fun with other women. I am in the process of organizing my craft room so I can have mobility with my supplies.

  13. Mainly a Cathy but I will sometimes bring supplies into another room at home so I can spend time with hubby and work on a project at the same time.

  14. I’m a Cathy but with my dog Trillian. I am returning to scrapping now that I have an empty nest and a room for crafting!

  15. Sophia Cropalot here. 🙂 Try to get any time I can to play in my ScrHappy Place, but love to plan and go to crops at least every few months. I enjoy meeting new scrappy friends and the extended time to play without interruptions at home.

  16. At the moment I am Sophia Cropalot. I prefer being at home with everything stationary like Cathy Craftroom. However, I’m a 4-H scrapbooking project leader this year so I’ll be out and about every month.

  17. I am a Sophia. I have a dedicated space at home and go to crops and classes several times each month. We moved last year into a smaller space and have not been organized since. I have again joined the Get Organized Challenge and will be participating instead of just listening this time.

  18. I love the new ladies! I am a Cathy but with 7 cats 🙂 they are not allowed in the craft room except for my oldest cat, Keko… she sleeps at my feet while I craft.

  19. I’m a Sophia at the moment.
    But you do need to add some grey haired seniors to your group. That’s who I meet most at crops.

  20. I’ve been a Sophie, especially when i worked so many hours. Schedule is better under control now and i am transitioning, i notice, to a Cathy. (Also a Gloria GottaLot; does this make me a split personality?)

    • I had to laugh. My name is Gloria and yes I am a Gloria-Got A Lot. I have been scrapping for 20 years and go thru periods when I do have a spending freeze, but you would never know it!

  21. I am a Sophia but my dog Buzz crops with me when I am at home.. I love my room at home (my happy place) but I also love to go to crops/retreats to meet up with friends, etc. More for the social interaction. However, I usually don’t get much done cause packing for a weekend crop gives me hives LOL. I always take to much and then get mad cause I don’t use what I took!

  22. Hi,, Maybe it;s Cathy,, do have a dog, always next to me playing,,, or Maybe Sophia,, I turn my cellar into my only Space Scrapbook room,, Love going places to meet New people & scrap away..
    Karen++ definitely,,, not HER!!!!
    Mary== YES,, That’s definitely ME!!!
    Between Sophia/Mary is the definitely is ME!!!!!

  23. I’m a Sophie. I love to go to retreats and crops, but also want to craft and crop at home. Our extra bedroom is my craft room, but has never been organized well and makes me crazy! When I travel, either way too much or not enough goes with me. When I’m home, it can be overwhelming to find what I need and use it. HELP!!!

  24. I’m a Cathy craftroom
    I stay in my craft room and craft. Most of my crafts are already organized. I have 4 scrapracks that I just LOVE it holds most of my craft supplies and I have the craft cart with the apron to hold all my essentials for when I craft.
    Are you going to be highlighting each woman separately so we can get tips/ideas?

  25. I’m a Sophia …craft room at home (unorganized right now) but I travel to a crop at least once a month with my daughter and friends. I usually take way too much to crops. I need to organize my Crop bags to reduce the carry bags.

  26. re-reading the characterizations in prep for today’s kickoff session for 2019 challenge, I find i am a Sophie/Karen Cropalot/Kraftabout. Is this possible? I am well situated at home but do spend a lot of time gathering supplies for outings and then putting them all back at day’s end. I have begun to resent the gathering times which can take up to an hour (or a day in case of a retreat) and have begun to think “if i would spend the gathering time in PRODUCTION i could get twice as much done” but that would sacrifice the social-ness of crafting away. It is made more cumbersome by the fact that i also do a lot of calligraphy and card making at home and away – which involves yet MORE supplies, tools and time. I work in ZONES at home but stuff gets mixed together on workshops and retreats because i like to hand letter my scrapbook titles which means taking all sorts of extra stuff when i travel.

  27. I’m a Sophia. I love to go cropping with friends. Sometimes I’m a bit of Karen. If the whole family is watching something, I will take a project with me to the family room. The Companion Cart is now in my house and good for this!

    I’ve joined the challenge because I am very unorganized!

  28. I’m a Kathy to a tee
    I have two craft rooms in my house so I find it difficult to create in one space but it sure does make me move and exercise One space is dedicated to stamping and the other to Paper Crafting

  29. I’m a Mary Mobilmaker. Don’t have room at home to craft so I do it away from home. I need to keep my supplies organized so that when I’m working on cards, I can grab my card supplies; scrapbooking – grab my scrapbooking supplies. Right now, I hunt more than craft.

  30. I’m a Sophia. I have a number of different crafts I do. Mainly concentrating on card making and handcrafted jewelry. Looking forward to getting it better organized.

  31. I’m a mix of Cathy and Karen, except that my stuff does NOT get put away. I have a small room with a bit of space but it’s smaller than my walk in closet so I prefer to craft somewhere else.

  32. I’m somewhere between Sophia and Karen. I have a few things around the area where I craft at home, but most things I have to pull out when I want them from somewhere else. I’m not very good about putting them away 🙂 I also crop with a group once a month.

  33. Ok I’m a Cathy but twice a year I go to the Expo and Twice a year I travel on a plane to crops. I find switching back and forth difficult sometimes, it would be easier if I had a system that allowed me to put all the parts to a project or page in one place so I could just grab it and go then I would just be putting the pages together and enjoying my time with friends while at crops.

  34. I’m a mix of Cathy and Sofia. I have a dedicated space like Cathy and mostly craft at home, but go to weekend retreats twice a year and regularly make cards with a friend so I do transport tools, page kits and supplies at those times.

  35. I am definitely Sophia Cropalot! I have my own room, but I organize a monthly crop at a little hall and I go to other crops and one long weekend retreat! ❤️

  36. I do so many crafts, Im more like Karen, but my most used space is my kitchen. My crafts are quilting, sewing, embroidering, scrapbooking, paper crafts, silohoutte projects, knitting with a loom, making cookbooks, T shirt business. Im not in a business, actually that was (T shirt business) something my Daughter talked my Hubby into purchasing but found she didn’t have the time to do anything with it. Well being as I have 4 Girls, 13 Grandchildren and 6 great Grands, so I just craft for them and my Hubby & I. I am disabled so since I hardly go anywhere , so I keep my mind busy by crafting!

  37. I am a Sophia. I love to scrapbook at home but the few times that I can meet up with my scrapbooking girls is a blast for me. Having to drive 3.5 hours to see my friends and scrapbook is worth the drive but packing everything is not. I am hoping that this challenge will help me pack less to these events since I will be more focused on my projects and I know what items I want for those projects.

  38. I am a Karen. I make cards, scrapbooks, mixed media, patchwork & embroidery so I craft at home wherever I am comfortable. I usually sew in the lounge, paint etc at the table & make cardsetc at my desk in my bedroom. We recently moved from 4 story house with 4 extra large bedrooms (one of which I used as a craft room) into a 2 bedroom single storey cottage! A lot of my craft stash is still in boxes in an outhouse 🙁

  39. Hi I’m trying the challenge. I have to say that I am somewhere between a Mary and a Karen. No cat but I do have several spaces. I have my office , my studio and supply room. (which is full of other stuff. Not crafting materials) I have no heat in my studio and have to move most item back into my very small office. the houses my longarm machine. I hope I can power through it

  40. I’m mostly a Karen with a little Sophia on the side. I often craft at the counter or dining room table and love to go to a 2x a year get-away with 7 wonderful girlfriends who love to craft.

  41. January 20, 2020 I am a Sophia/Karen. I hardly ever go away to craft(I have found that the time to pack and unpack is more wisely used for working). However, I do move from my craft building to my LR. My Lois is filled w buddie bags and my Laura is always ready to just lift and move.

  42. right now I am a Mary, but after the challenge I hope to be a Cathy after this challenge is done. tried to do this fall 2019 challenge, but had so much flooding last fall in Wisconsin where I live, that I had to give up! I joke we’re turning the basement into a pool, lol. Here’s to snow and no rain so I can get organized.

  43. I am most definitely a Sophia. I go to many crops and retreats. I also do Bible Journaling away and at home. I find it hard to stay organized when packing as I like doing many things and the tool may be different for each. So lately I have been limiting my time at crops to one thing, like card making or Bible Journaling, but not both, so I don’t have to bring too much. My biggest challenge is I need to Purge as I have a lot of stuff. I am looking forward to the challenge.

  44. I’m a Cathy! I like to look at my space and figure out ways to reconfigure and put things together that I use together. Fortunate for me I found Tiffany’s site shortly after I started crafting. When I saw the scrap rack at Joann’s on sale, I researched TT and bought it. No regrets. Unfortunately with COVID no crafting events with my new to Cricut friends for now.

  45. I am a Cathy – about 99%!!! I do travel to an expo when they are actually meeting once a year. I also go to a local 12 hour craft-all-day that I host once a month at our church. But I am a housewife so I am home all the time. I love my large craftroom!!!!! I do my best to keep it organized and clean, otherwise it is too hard to accomplish anything. I have taken GOC several times and it always helps. PS – no cat or dog, just a husband that gets hungry every now and then so I have to stop and get him some food.

    • Hi Raye, if you are a little bit of each once, then we would recommend starting with organizing the space(s) where you keep your craft supplies at home. This is because once you have those spaces organized, it becomes easier to organize your bags for travel, etc.

  46. Think I keep evolving.
    About 20 years ago I had a scrapbook shop and used to scrap there out of hours. then when that shut down I used to scrapbook one day a week at another shop. I also had a dedicated scrapbook room and was very organised.
    About 12 years ago my marriage broke up and I moved to a smaller house and never really got organised properly. A lot of my stuff was in boxes and bags in the garage, which is lined and carpeted.
    I have about 5 friends who come to scrap at my place once a month and we use the dining room table and kitchen bench.
    About 7 years ago I remarried and had to fit him and his hobbies into my house and my two main hobbies of family history and scrapbooking have ended up in the garage and I now can’t find anything.
    Early this year he was diagnosed with dementia and I have been unable to leave him to attend crops but my friends have still come here once a month. Then he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer and passed away in July.
    Since the4n I have discovered the Creative Memories Virtual Crops and bought more CM product which has taken over my dining room. I have been scrapbooking at the dining room table.
    My house looks like a scene from the show “Hoarders” as I have had to clear out his storage unit he had stored two houses and his past life in. I am slowly going through his clothes, books, photos etc I am scanning photos and sorting them and maybe I should have finished it all and collating his family history etc but felt I need to look forward to my life without him so as a reward once all his books went from the study or 3rd bedroom at the weekend I have decided that room will become my scraproom so started on the 12 week challenge into the shelves I have freed up. So far I have worked on cardstock and have found that rewarding but will need other 12 x 12 storage to finish it off and tackle patterned paper.
    Its a bit more difficult these days with deliveries being so slow and also being in Australia.
    I bit the bullet today and ordered a scraprack. My first thing I want to organise into it is my alphabets and lettering by the colour system and can add more once I work out what other storage pages I will need for it.
    I think I am basically a Sophia at heart and certainly now need people contact these days but also am finding an aging body and back injury means I do need to be very organised to go to crops. Page planners will be good.
    Sure I will need to live to at least 300 to use up my stash.

  47. I’m Sophia Crop-a-lot. Mostly craft at home, but will attend any crop I can get to. Love the interaction with other crafters – sharing ideas etc.

  48. I’ve definitely been a Karen since moving to my slightly smaller house 3 years ago but last week I bought 2 huge Kallax units for my craft room and organisation has begun. Tiffany’s 2022 GOC started today and my next purchase is definitely going to be a scraprack, I’m sure with one of those I will easily rid myself of about 12 boxes. I already have a purge box.
    Right, I’m off to make my WDYDT notebook.
    Thanks Tiffany.

  49. I’m a Karen. I have a Craft room, but I get lonely and drag my stuff all over the house. I love hitting up retreats and Crops. I also have friends over my house to Crop with me. My issue is, on my down time, I’m always organizing and reorganizing my craft room to make it “better” or “user friendly”. Maybe I’m OCD?

  50. I’m mostly Sophia as I have a craft room, but I don’t like to be by myself so sometimes I will bring my supplies downstairs to craft. Definitely don’t put my things away like I should. That is why I’m taking this class so that everything will have a place. I took the challenge about three years ago, but never finished getting things in order. So my plan is to finish this time.

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