Working at an angle with your Design Board and Magnetic Design Tool

Many of you have asked how I “stand” my rotating design board and magnetic design tool while I’m working.  I use a small easel that was purchased at my local big box craft store.  I think it was about $3.00.  You can find them in the framing section.

This small metal easel has a “squarish” notch at the bottom which makes it a perfect fit for any of our Rotating Design Boards.

It’s short, but even the 12 x 12 Scrapbooker’s Design Board will stand nicely in this easel.

I recommend starting with your Design Board flat on the table.

Add your Magnetic Overlay, line up your background paper, then clip everything to the Design Board with the big bulldog-style clip.

If you want to ensure your background paper stays in place, add a couple of mini magnets to the corners.

Stand the Rotating Design Board in the easel, so the front “lip” of the easel is between the 2 boards.

Now you can start designing your page, card or other project.

If I’m lining pictures up across the page, I’ll put down the magnetic ruler first.  The ruler is about an eighth of an inch thick, so it actually works like a “shelf”.  I can just set the pictures on the edge of the ruler while I’m deciding where/how I want them to be placed on the page. Once I’ve decided I use the mini magnets to hold the pictures in place before I move the ruler.

The mini magnets are strong enough to hold multiple layers of paper or embellishments.  In the images to the right and below, I tested the magnets with; 3 flowers, 6 layers of cardstock and a chipboard letter.

All of them stayed in place easily while the board was in the easel.

This is an easy way to match colors and test design ideas.

One of the nice things about working at an angle, is that your project has a smaller footprint on you workspace.  Instead of my layout occupying a 13″ x 13″ area, it only covers about 13″ x 4″.  This could be very handy at a crop where space is limited.

On the date that I’m writing this post, the Magnetic Design Tool Set (MDTS) is still really new. It was just released 2 weeks ago.  I’m excited to hear how you’re using your MDTS.

Are you using it with the Rotating Design Board on its own, or with other crafting tools?

Are you using it for paper crafting?

Please do share your ideas with me/us.  Use the comment box below or send your ideas to us via email ( or on Facebook.

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Thanks for spending a little of your time with me today!

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    • Yes and no. It is stiff enough to stand up on an easel by itself, but the easel would need to be taller than the one I use. The Magnetic Design Board is flexible, so without something behind it – whether a taller easel or the Rotating Design Board – it would bend.

  1. I use mine for designing cards for sell.I usually design the cards while in front of the the TV with the board on my lap. I bought mine on HSN so I did not get the design kit . I plan to order it from you as soon as I can. I use the small one on my counter in my kitchen to hold the grocery list. It is good because you can turn it the way you are standing and write on it.

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